Located on the nearly century-old Maclemore Ranch in Shackelford County, Clear Fork Cultivation has quickly become the premiere cannabis farm of the Texas Big Country. Our name comes from the Clear Fork of the Brazos River which bends back and forth throughout the ranch.
When Texas legalized hemp production in 2020 we were the one of the first in line to apply for our license. Since then, we have established our outdoor and indoor infrastructure to produce some of the highest quality flower and biomass that Texas has to offer.
Jared McGovern, a disabled veteran, has long been an advocate for the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis, and knows the benefits of this incredible plant first hand. He is joined by his wife Liz, and his brother Aaron making this a true family farm.
Though the FDA prohibits us from stating the benefits of cannabis, we know it has many physical, mental, and environmental healing properties.
When these Herban Pioneers are able to get away from the farm, you can see them perform as The Urban Pioneers all over Texas, the US, and the world.